Experience an unparalleled work environment with Link Spaces, a new dvision of Active Hospitality providing premium flexible office space. The space is designed to provide your business with the ideal conditions for thriving and growing, and we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Embracing the belief that a dedication to quality and hospitality is fundamental for an enhanced workspace, Link Spaces have meticulously crafted a bew venue at Botanica Ditton Park with these principles as our guiding force.

The outcome is a workspace that embodies excellence — the perfect choice for ambitious, driven, and dynamic businesses. Tailored to deliver a seamless working experience where every need is anticipated, it represents the future of workspaces available today.


Every business has different needs, so we offer a range of premium workspace options to choose from. Find the one that suits you, unlock the benefits of a Link space, and take your business to the next level.

Link Spaces Botanica Flooplan



Link Spaces Private Office

An immediately available, fully serviced, opulent private office space where you can curate an optimal environment for your business to achieve peak productivity. Enjoy access to all our essential features and amenities, including breakout spaces and meeting rooms. Benefit from flexible lease terms that enable the expansion of your business without the constraints of a burdensome long-term contract.


Link Spaces Coworking

A space for working, expanding, connecting, and collaborating, enriched with daily value-added amenities. It includes a built-in community fostering a productive atmosphere. Crafted based on the principles of activity-based working, it accommodates a spectrum from focused individual work to collaborative round-table discussions. Completely adaptable to meet your distinctive needs.


Link Spaces meeting room

Versatile meeting spaces suitable for various purposes, ranging from brainstorming sessions to client-facing meetings. These rooms come fully equipped with the necessary technology for a productive session, including video conferencing and wireless presentation features. They are available for flexible booking by both members and non-members, with exclusive reduced rates for members.


Link Spaces Botanica external

A valid business address to incorporate into all your branding and communications. Opt for optional mail handling and personalized telephone answering services for utmost convenience. Enjoy the reputation enhancement that comes with a premium location in Botanica.